“I had severe dryness in my mouth for 3 years! Kathy did a CranioSacral treatment one time and resolved the problem. The results were long lasting." 

– LC

I suffered from tremendous back pain for years. After trying different mattresses, pillows and medications, nothing seemed to help. My wife's friend recommended Kathy's services. I reluctantly made an appointment.  After a few sessions, my back felt better than ever! It's been a while since then and it still feels great. It's amazing she helped that much."

– DP

"Fibromyalgia and several surgeries pushed my health to a dangerously low level. Doctors sent me for massages to stimulate my failing organs. I wore a ski jacket, mittens, scarf and hat in the middle of summer because I was very weak, and my internal thermostat was broken. I could bare only the lightest massages, I hurt everywhere. It was that summer I met Kathy and she did something called Zone Balance on me to open up cells, balance and adjust them and repair DNA damage. I tried it. By the end of summer and first of fall my cells had strengthened up so I didn't need to wear my winter coverings any more. In fact, my mother says I have returned to like the cooler temperatures I did as a child. The next summer I started a small business staging houses on the market for sellers. The returned energy feels good. I sleep better and am in much less pain."

– BG

"I had been struggling with the pain of shingles for 8 months when my best friend recommended I see Kathy. After a few sessions I was able to get off the heavy pain meds. Her services tremendously helped me get back to my health and my family."

– CP

"After falling two stories off a ladder and breaking both my wrists and forearms, a cheek bone and tearing a shoulder muscle, Kathy has helped me regain and maintain my ability to return to work full duty and continue this in good standing over the years.  Her work has helped me stay on lower amounts of pain pills, and I am sure it is playing a large role in delaying the ensuing arthritis the Doctors warn me is imminent."

– DE 

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