Distance Massage, What is it?

Going into Quarantine for Covid - 19 meant no massage for people who felt it was not a non-essential. Some of them were in the middle of progressing through detoxing, and getting healing from heavy metal damage and parasites, recovering from car accidents, working through repetitive work injuries, dealing with psychological aspects relating to physical symptoms, finally getting natural relief from years in pain and more. They all had their own reactions to the idea of distance massage, and various levels of curiosity led some to try it, others to commit to it and many others to reluctantly put their massage treatments on the back burner.

How does distance Massage work?

A primary use for distance massage work is when clients and providers are separated by long distances. It used to be done over the phone with the provider viewing a photo of the client in order to connect with them. Now What's app, Zoom, Google and other companies have brought people into better contact, being able to see and talk together during a distance session. This is a big advancement that makes the sessions more effective in some ways.

Digging deeper into the actual basis of how this works, quantum physics principles best help describe how distance energy body work happens. What is so great about the article written by Chad Orzel on the "six things everyone should know about quantum physics," beside the amazing photos, is that every principle can be felt during the energetic body work, especially using Craniosacral and Zone Balance techniques. Even clients who can tune into the work can feel the principles going on. Soon both client and provider are on the same page, feeling the same things at that same time. The client has the inside perspective and the provider, the external prospective. Then they work together as a team. It becomes a team effort that has a positive effect on the outcome.

The initial energy movements felt are usually the smallest particles, the electrons, protons and neutrons. The waves are fast, light and tiny. As tissues start to release, the movements grow larger and more synchronized. As the principle indicates, movement is in discrete amounts. The probabilistic nature is so interesting during this work, because it leads the provider to the exact locations where the energy is needed for healing. The phenomenon of entanglement and distance are fascinating in energetic body work, because as one is lead to the sites in need of treatment, the distance and entanglements themselves dictate the type of modality or techniques to be used. For instance, if the myofascial tissue needs to be detangled, the bunching can be felt, and the releasing for it, works better than other technique. If the entanglement is muscle tissue, Craniosacral or deep tissue might work best. Distance energy is able to accomplish some deep tissue work, however, it may need some follow up for residual spasms that have relocated on their way out. The type of issue gives an indication for what technique to use. say for example, a pinched nerve will give a clear impression of a "buzzing" feel or sound, Then the correct technique will handle it quite adequately, whereas, other techniques or modalities will hardly touch it.

Who could benefit from such work?

A quick example to help one determine if this might be something that would help them, is a tight shoulder, that was weak, unable to pick up a pot or milk carton, with pain requiring prescribed medication for relief and limited range of motion where the arm could not reach across in front, out to the side and up to the shoulder level,

or behind to the low back or over head. There was a chance of a tear in the shoulder, but the client desired to avoid surgery if at all possible. Just a few sessions into distance energy work, along with a few oils the client applied in their home, it became possible to reach behind the side to the back, and adjust clothing. Lifting returned to normal limits, and the only remaining pain was far reaching across the front of the body. This opened up a block that pulled out much chaotic energy from the entire body. Then the body took some time adjusting to the new, light and easy feeling of movement.

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Is Distance massage useful?  Would you be curious enough to try it?  It is science based, not magic.  

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