Meet Kathy

With a  flair for fashion designing, balanced with an appreciation for nature and the scientific method,  a way was paved into a nursing career for helping others.  
However, seeing treatments and results veer far from nature brought questions about the need  for integrating more of nature with technology to provide easier and more harmonious healing.
An introduction to the essential oils after a trip to India and a London hospitalization turned the trajectory toward a greater alignment.
Discovering the gentle effectiveness of Young Living Essential oils as they uplift spirits and work with the body for healing, without side effects, was inspiring.   Soon a blend of Highest Potential oil led to massage work where the nursing background and knowledge became an added benefit for clients. 
Using applicable modalities with the principles of quantum physics has moved the work into an energetic dimension.
All together this type of body and energy work has become a "love-of-life" second career.  
Believing in the practice of immersion into a pursuit, the company culture and values come from the work itself, birthing the flow of  positive results.               
The Values are indigenous to the work process itself.  Both therapist and  client come into alignment as understanding grows toward making the most positively successful results possible. 

Safety & trust + are factors that prepare the foundation for cooperative collaboration to take place and successful work to be accomplished.

Using nature's remedies + is a commitment we make because we believe that we cannot outdo the evergreen tools of nature.  

Moving toward Optimal results of Wellness + is a given that everyone wants, which manifests differently in each individual.

Loving truth and peace + is what we gain from learning and knowing truth and how to work with it, in all areas of life. 

Appreciating processes + to bring out truth as it is made clear, which in turn keeps the layers appearing until they are all resolved and indigenously, alignment flows.

Calming & restful + anxiety decreases as the process unfolds – often into brilliant life and happiness.

Respecting choices + is important in this work, as it often demands courtesy while leading to clear the pathway for working through the process.      

Energizing & rejuvenating + are where the work eventually leads.  A sign of a “good” session, and of an overall “good” outcome, per criteria set by the client and the therapist.  As the work progresses, expectations become clearly established. 

Rebuilding a brighter future + a given expectation, and why the process and the work are important.  

Joyful surprises + are often additional little nudges that keep us staying with the process and giving us satisfaction beyond our expected desires.

Ownership for all and only what is ours + making clear boundaries, spelling out our lack or abundance and our communication: both listening and speaking, our beliefs, actions and behaviors, our choices, or indecisiveness, our quickness or slowness in given situations, our thoughtfulness or lack of thinking. These to name a few areas of life. 

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