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   Young Living Essential Oils

When it's Young Living Oils, it's   
World Class coming to you. 

Young Living guarantees consistent, effective results from their purely distilled oils.  They have a  promise that from the seed in the soil to the sealing of the bottle their processes are monitored for the finest oil they can produce.  everything is carefully selected and handled for natural purity and optimized for results.  

You have no worries about allergies because the oils have no nitrogen in them (except Jasmine Absolute and Citronella). The chemistry of the oils shows that without nitrogen, there is no real allergy.  If you feel you're having an allergy to an oil, you'd better either know what you're allergic to or find out.  One thing the oils do is clean out your system.  They can detox you so that you feel you're having an allergy attack, but it's your toxins attacking as they are being eliminated.

Something these oils have besides high Oxygen content, orange oil being one of the highest in oxygen, is having a large mosaic of molecules in them.  Lavender has over 3,000 molecules.  It's nickname is "Swiss Army Knife."  Recent research has found that Lavender acts as a mimetic.  It will change itself to produce what the body needs.   For example it will help a restless person sleep, and a sleepy person wake up and get going if needed.  And it is the BEST for motion sickness - way better than Dramamine.  No side effects of drowsiness! 


Talk about side effects!  There are no side effects from these oils.  They are all so natural, with so many mosaics, that our body recognizes them like food, and they work together to make great things happen in your body.  You can safely use them, even on children, or dogs, or other animals.  Just know that dogs are the most like humans in constitution, so it's easier to use the oils on them.  There are books about the oils and animals.  


They are strong, and you might have to dilute them with a little oil like olive oil, sesame seed oil or avocado oil for sensitive skin.  Here's an example of what it means:  a drop, one drop, of peppermint oil is equivalent to 20 cups of peppermint tea!  Think about that!  And oh my, is it good for the stomach flue.  A drop or two in a glass of water will straighten out any headache or stomach flue as fast as it takes for you to drink down the glass. 


Yes, get ready to be amazed, and fall in love with the oils, as so many people have done.  And if you'd like some help trying them use the contact form in this website and feel free to ask for help concerning the oils. 

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