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​Welcome to Natural Optimal Wellness & Massage Clinic 

The Vision of body and energy work is to offer you satisfying experiences in wholeness, to bring you to a higher level of living your best you. It is calmly energizing and leans into a brighter future of wellness in all areas of life.  Living for a higher purpose is achievable and enduring.

The Mission of body and energy work is to use principles of nature to provide rejuvenating modalities and programs that:                        

  • Facilitate and rebuild your life after a health crisis

  • Reshape a chronic condition through healthy lifestyle habits which you trust by your own experience

  • Restore the freedom and beauty of living your best life after temporary or long term painful /difficult changes and losses.

  • Transform a life disruption into positive, useful experiences to get you back into living your best life.                                              

YOU CAN EXPECT YOUR WELLNESS                     PACKAGE TO INCLUDE                                                                                                          

Soft tissue de-tangling and realigning to relieve pain, stress and chronic conditions is a specialty using scientific techniques and insights as a licensed and certified health care professional in order to bring you to your highest possible levels of wellness.

Some situations that have been helped are:
  • Painful stiff neck, elbow, wrist, hand, digit, back, shoulder, hip, joint, knee, ankle, foot

  • Stress or sleeplessness, imbalances of the nervous and hormonal systems

  • Limitations related to accidents or injuries

  • Immune related internal pain and inflammation

  • Weight fluctuations 

  • Infections

  • Muscles spasms, myofascial bunching, internal scar build up

  • Pre or post medical or surgical releasing with lymphatic drainage

  • Accident & injury recovery (will work with attorneys and insurance)

  • Detoxing, cleansing, cellular repair & strengthening     

FREE yourself from the endless chain of illness and medications. Lead a higher quality lifestyle with natural healthy living.

I use Young Living Essential Oils, the world’s finest quality oils.

         COVID - 19                QUARANTINE 

         Update for               Massage Therapy

 At the very last minutes, today, June 18, 2020 Ventura county graciously completed, devising ways to help everyone return to work.  Don't we live in a beautiful county?  Gratefully, safety guidelines were mapped out to keep us all Caronavirus free while  we continue getting and providing services.
We can appreciate and thank our public officers who have shown great care for us during this time. 
Massage services at this location will be available starting Monday, June 28.  The earliest available is 12 noon.  The guidelines state that for closed door treatments, masks must be worn and there is a time limit of 30 minutes.  That is enough time for one of these:
  • do a full back side massage, 
  • work out fix-it trouble areas, 
  • do Lymphatic Drainage,
  • get some craniosacral balancing
  • or have a foot Zone Balance done with oils.                          
Please feel free to peruse this website, and book online to save your desired time. 
June 18, 2020
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